"Destination Asia" Canvas Tote Batu Caves Malaysia


These totes were inspired by our three month long trip through Asia.  While these photos don't tell the whole story, they are just a small glimpse into the beauty that is found in Asia.  

"Batu Caves" Tote ~  When we left for the trip, Malaysia wasn't even on the list.  While in Asia, we realized how easy and inexpensive it is to travel to other countries.  We came to Malaysia for the three day long Future Music Festival, where Pharrell was supposed to play.  A quick Google search, and we found other places to explore.  One of them being Batu caves, where Lord Murugan's giant statue looms 140 ft high near the entrance.  It is the world's tallest statue of the Hindu deity,  and cost approximately 24 million rupees, made of 1550 cubic meters of concrete,  250 tons of steel bars and 300 liters of gold paint brought in from Thailand.  Climbing up the stairs, you can see long tailed macaque monkeys, which will grab anything they deem to be delicious.  As we began the climb up the 272 steps, I got my camera ready... 


Product Dimensions: 38 cm X 45 cm

Handles: 28 cm 


Please note, sd1Twenty5 products are handmade of italian leathers. Animal skin is inherently prone to occassional blemishes or bruising, making each item truly unique.  Please be aware that this tends to show more with light to medium colors.  Please see our customer care section for more details on caring for your new sd1Twenty5 product.

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